For many years we have been performing precise timing using modern chip technology for various sport events.

The participants of a race have a computer chip attached to their leg, which enables the identification of the participant and the recording of the time stamp when passing the finishing line. The data is processed digitally and presented to the speaker and the viewers as live results. 

Subscription and Numbers

We take care of the subcription process, in which participants can subscribe online and pay possible fees by credit card or bank transfer.

After the subscription deadline has passed, the numbers and computer chips are assigned and distributed to the participants. The world ranking can be accounted for.

Additionally, the numbers can be printed with the name of the participant written on it.

Late subscriptions can be accepted up to 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Jury Wagon

In our jury wagon we perform the timing on site. Additionally it offers room for the speaker, commissioners and the DJ.

The infrastructure consists of the following parts:

  • IT-Equipment (LAN, WIFI, Internet Connection, Server)
  • Printer, bzw. Result-Printing-System
  • Audio- und Speaker-System (CD, Cordless-Microphones, Loudspeakers)
  • Air Conditioning
  • walk-on-able Roof Area
  • Starter Pistol, Round indicator, Bell
  • Projector for the Presentation of Live-Results

Online Information

The participant lists are already available online some weeks before the event starts.

During the race, live results can be viewed online, including a mobile-version for best experience on site

The results and possibly its analysis are available online after the race has ended. 

Contact / More Information

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